German Shepherds

German Shepherds since World War II have gone from strength to strength and are now one of the most popular breeds in the world. Although other breeds may out task the German Shepherd, few other breeds have mastered the wide range of abilities as the German Shepherd.

The Ideal Family Pet:
When you bring a German shepherd into your home, you don't just gain a friend, you gain a family member, he will be protective not only to you, but also your house, your garden, your car and other members of your family. Apart from your love the German Shepherd breed needs to be groomed regular and correctly, To have the right balance of diet, regular exercise and your attention to his overall welfare. This is all it takes for your German Shepherd to show you loyalty and devotion that is second to no other dog breed. You and your family will have more than a pet, you will have a loving and faithful companion for many years to come.

German Shepherd Puppies for Sale

Picture of puppies

Puppies Available from 10th December 2012.

One of the reasons why the German Shepherd is so popular throughout the world is down to the breeds temperament. Very intelligent with an approachable and easy going nature, the German Shepherd can be highly protective towards its owners which makes the breed highly desirable as added protection for those in a position or feeling of vulnerability. You do not hear of people being mugged or attacked in the street while accompanied by a German Shepherd. Some owners of German Shepherds believe that their dog has a sense of right from wrong, which may explain why the breed can be so playful without getting aggressive, which can be a problem with other large dog breeds. In fact, The German Shepherd can be extremely playful while knowing when playtime is over. There are very few negatives that come along with the breed, correct training can make this dog the perfect house mate.

The German Shepherd is not a hostile or by nature a vicious dog however, can come across as a highly self confident and fearless dog characterized by a direct and assertive expression. The German Shepherd therefore has become the number one choice for Police Dog throughout the western world and are also the first choice as Guard Dogs for the rich and famous.

Socializing German Shepherd Puppies

After the initial 8 week period where the puppy is mainly with the mother, the next 8 to 16 weeks are crucial to the development of your puppies social skills.  You should introduce your puppy to, your own children in your household, or if you have no children in your household, it is a good idea to socialize your puppy with the children of other family members or close friends.  This should of course always be conducted in the presence of a competent adult at all times.  The same can be said for your other pets if you have them.  You should also give your puppy time to get used to the outdoor environment, especially if you live in a town centre or other urban area.  If you live in a rural area near farm animals, walking your puppy on public pathways where it can get used to farm animals can also be of advantage for your dog in its later life.  

Feeding your German Shepherd Puppies

Once you have bought your puppy home, you will need to feed it.  Do not be tempted to feed it human food.  In general you should look for a good dry puppy food, feed it 3 times a day, and always remember to keep a plentiful fresh supply of water available for your puppy to drink at any time it wants.  Wash you puppies food and water bowls at the end of every night making sure they are thoroughly clean for the next day.