German Shepherds



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How does a vaccination work?

In simplest terms, a vaccination stimulates the dog's immune system to protect itself against disease. When the antigen or infectious agent enters the dog's body, it is recognized as foreign and antibodies are produced to bind to it and destroy it. Even though the invader is gone, the cells that manufactured the antibodies "remember" it and will respond more quickly the next time the same agent is confronted.

What about vaccine reactions?

It is true that some animals have a systemic reaction, including a low-grade fever or muscle aches and pain. This reaction is more common in young and toy breed dogs and causes them to eat less and sleep more for 24-48 hours. Rarely, dogs will have a more severe reaction, characterized by hives, swelling of the face, or even vomiting. This reaction is easily prevented by giving antihistamine at the time of subsequent vaccinations. Leptospirosis, the component most likely to produce such strong reactions, can be left out of some vaccines. If your dog has had a vaccine reaction in the past, don't skip future vaccinations but do warn the veterinarian so he can take steps to prevent a recurrence.

'Kennel Club Registered

The Kennel Club has a primary objective which is to continuously improve in every way all breads of dog. Founded in 1873, the Kennel Club offers information on dog breeds, their needs, their welfare and their training and breeding.

The Kennel Club are the organisers of Crufts, famous for its annual dog show where breeders can show off their dogs and compete in categoriesof breed and overall supreme champion.

For a dog to be a 'pedigree', it needs to be Kennel Club registered. All our puppies are Kennel Club registered. It may be worth mentioning here the difference between a thoroughbred and a pedigree. A thoroughbred is the offspring of ancestors of the same breed, eg a thoroughbred German Shepherd puppy would be the offspring of a Mother German Shepherd and a Father German Shepherd. A pedigree dog is basically the same however, the pedigree will be registered with the Kennel Club and guarantee thoroughbred parentage with a register recording a line of ancestors.

You can find a great deal of information regarding the German Shepherd breed.  The Kennel Club gives advice on dietaryneeds of the dog, good practices when training the German Shepherd, what to look out for regarding specific needs and weaknesses of the breed.  To go to the Kennel Club Website, please click on the link below.